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WOODLINE’S MISSION is to satisfy the customer looking for specialized moulding accessories, patterns, cuts, or dimensions not offered by the mass-produced suppliers. WOODLINE also gives the customer a wide variety of patterns to choose from or the option to customize their own.

We can fill the gap for the customer’s moulding accessory needs, production demands for plinth and rosette blocks, crown and corner blocks, as well as other unique wood trim products.

WOODLINE OFFERS the following products and services:

• Rosette Blocks, Plinth Blocks, Keystone Blocks, Inside and Outside Corner Blocks in a wide variety of patterns and Sizes.

• Unique Custom Crafted Inside and Outside Crown Blocks including Crown Center Blocks. Inside/outside Crown Blocks more Compatible with Crown Moulding for Easy Installation.

• Customer Design Fireplace Mantels

• Decorative Mantel Shelving in a Wide Variety of Wood Species

• Custom Cut Brackets

• Most Wood Species Available Upon Request

• Almost Any Dimension Cut to Your Specification

• All Moulding Accessory Products are sanded and ready to install.



Woodline Enterprise
        Glenn Pack, Owner
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Mailing Address:  PO Box 270382 Oklahoma City, OK  73137
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